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SDH Claims Part 2.

by gordonhook on 22 January, 2017

Further to the earlier article re claims for damages relating to the construction of the SDH, I am told only 1 of the claims is for structural damage to property. This may be the case, but many more residents have told me they are making claims for structural damage. Of course this one could be […]

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Basic Infra Structure Needed Before House Building

by gordonhook on 21 January, 2017

At County Council yesterday I said, ” A current frustration for Newton Abbot, but one which must be common across Devon, is the failure to have suitable basic infrastructure in place prior to the construction of housing developments. As an example, in Newton Abbot we currently have considerable house building progressing, but without a footpath […]

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I submitted a question today to be answered at the next Devon County Council meeting. It went something like this…. ” A vehicle in Newton Abbot has received 19 parking tickets between November and the early part of January. It may well be considerably more by now. Not one of those tickets, for illegal parking, […]

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370 Compensation Claims Made re South Devon Highway

by gordonhook on 20 January, 2017

I continually raise questions about the negative impact of the South Devon Highway on my residents lives. Some people think I make the reports up….I don’t ! The SDH may be of benefit to many and I hope it does what was said would be the case….that it would produce a real boost to the […]

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Market Street Restaurant

by gordonhook on 18 January, 2017

I was privileged to be invited to attend the re launch of the Market Street Restaurant this evening, and a very pleasant experience it was too. This initiative, supported by various agencies including Devon County Council, is giving 12 month apprenticeships to those wishing to gain qualifications in the catering industry. Can I recommend this […]

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…and people tell me, “Send them Back…..”

by gordonhook on 18 January, 2017

Did any readers watch the programme on TV fairly late last night about the atrocities being committed by ISIS ? They included raping young girls, from age 9 upwards in front of their parents. It included starving mothers and their 12 month old babies for 3 or 4 days til they cried with hunger, decapitating […]

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Hottest Year on Record

by gordonhook on 18 January, 2017

Provisional figures just issued by the Met Office suggest that 2016 was the hottest year on record world wide, marginally exceeding the temperatures of the previous year……but President elect Trump doesn’t believe in Climate Change.

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Dog Mess Problem on Buckland

by gordonhook on 16 January, 2017

Complaints are coming into me re the apparent increase in dogs mess on Buckland estate. It is simply not acceptable that owners do not pick up after their dogs, irrespective of where it is…Buckland or Bognor! I know and accept that many/most dog owners are responsible and do the necessary, but a few aren’t and […]

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David and Charles /Aldi Site Problems

by gordonhook on 13 January, 2017

Vandalism and anti social behaviour are causing problems on the derelict site which was formerly the David and Charles business centre at the edge of the Brunel Industrial Estate. Plans for the site to become an Aldi store are well advanced. Meanwhile, it has sadly become a target for various acts of vandalism, with break […]

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Thank You Teignbridge

by gordonhook on 11 January, 2017

I have been known to be critical of local authorities, and when criticism is thought necessary I shall continue to make it. However, when the contrary is true, let’s never be slow in praising….and I am very happy to do so right now. I spent an hour or so this morning hacking back the growth […]

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