Gordon Hook

Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Newton Abbot South and District Councillor for Buckland and Milber Learn more

Figures I obtained by questioning at this weeks Teignbridge Council meeting demonstrate that since 2010/11 almost £1/2 million has been collected by the council from using car park ticketing machines which don’t give change. In my opinion this is scandalous, and is one thing Lib Dems would change if we regain control of the council […]

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Is Your Road In Need of Repair?

by gordonhook on 16 January, 2018

Devon County Council have just made available a small sum of money for pothole repairs. County Councillors are asked to suggest roads in their wards which are in real need of repairs. I am open to suggestions…please let me know if you think your road ( or one you know) is such a road. I […]

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“Tidy up the Town”

by gordonhook on 12 January, 2018

If you feel the town could do with a decent clean up then how about joining us on Sunday ( 14/01) afternoon to help do just that? A group of us are coming together at 2 pm ( Sherborne Street Car Park) and hope to do some basic cleaning of litter, weeds, dirty signs etc […]

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Sub Way Clean Up Delay.

by gordonhook on 12 January, 2018

The power wash of the Penn Inn subway was postponed this morning (Friday) due to the freezing weather conditions, and will now be re programmed for Monday morning, temperatures allowing. The delay gives a little more time for a coordinated approach to washing and re painting to be organised…but I’m not holding my breath!

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Penn Inn Sub Way Clean Up

by gordonhook on 11 January, 2018

I have been trying to coordinate a council clean up of the graffiti strewn walls of the Penn Inn subways, and a re paint with anti graffiti paint. While I am pleased that the power spray clean is organised for 6 am tomorrow (Friday) morning, I am still trying desperately to fix a re paint […]

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Shaldon Road Repairs Coming!!

by gordonhook on 10 January, 2018

It’s always really good when something you’ve been trying to achieve for some time happens, or you are notified that it’s about to happen. I asked ( not for the first time it should be said) when vital repairs to the Shaldon Road were going to happen. This road has become increasingly dangerous, with ever […]

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Graffiti Update

by gordonhook on 9 January, 2018

I have now got agreement from Teignbridge Council that they will clean the Penn Inn subway, provided Devon County agree, as it is their wall. This is very welcome and a good start, but of course cleaning is of little use of itself, as no sooner is the wall cleaned of graffiti than the anti […]

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Graffiti Getting Worse? Urgent Action Called For!

by gordonhook on 7 January, 2018

The scourge of graffiti in Newton Abbot seems to go from bad to worse. It is at best a very real blot on the landscape; at worst it is an obscene mess. While I welcome the efforts made to tidy up the Penn Inn area, which is definitely a move in the right direction, the […]

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Local Road Closures

by gordonhook on 4 January, 2018

Weather permitting highway maintenance work will take place on January 9th for one night on St Marychurch Road and for 2 nights (Jan 10 and 11) on Pinewood at the junction with St Marychurch Road. Road closures with diversions will be in place from 19.00 hrs til 07.00 hrs.

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Coach Road “Lake” Gone?

by gordonhook on 4 January, 2018

When it rains a “lake” has all too often appeared in Coach Road. At one time a soak away facility kept the area clear, but recently this appears to no longer be functioning. I asked County Highways to attend and reinstate the facility so motorists, pedestrians and cyclists could negotiate the road in all weathers […]

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