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88 and 88A Bus Further Update

by gordonhook on 26 September, 2018

I have been pleasantly surprised to receive letters/email of thanks today for two different and totally unrelated actions, one being the improved situation re the local bus service, where punctuality appears to have improved hugely and drivers are now, so I am told, even switching off the engines while idling. The success with he bus is down to a number of people doing similar things and I take no individual credit, though I hope I played a part. Letters and emails were sent, meetings were held at Devon County, petitions signed and phone calls made by residents who were concerned, so well done to all involved. It is good that the service has markedly improved.
It has been confirmed to me that the County subsidy for the service is for the Sunday and evening only service; in every other sense the decisions made by Stagecoach are purely economic, and it is only economics that control those decisions.

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