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Torquay Road Footbridge Update

by gordonhook on 26 September, 2018

I have received the following message from the officer responsible for the bridge work on Torquay Road…..
“We are aiming to carry out a re-inspection of the bridge late this year/early next year, to confirm our proposed method of lifting the bridge out of position.
During the inspection we will also undertake some initial works, which will then allow us to book line possessions of the railway and undertake our works.
Unfortunately this can be a lengthy process, though we must follow the timeframes requested by Network Rail.”
I hope this answers some of the questions coming my way, but if not please let me know and I will try and resolve them. I was under the impression that the work would be carried out rather sooner than this, but I do take the point that it isn’t possible, to say nothing of wise, to do the work without the full cooperation of Network Rail; after all we can’t have trains running underneath while the work progresses !

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