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Great Training Day

by gordonhook on 7 October, 2018

Local Lib Dems gathered in good numbers for what turned out to be a really first class day of training yesterday (Saturday) in Newton Abbot.
National Training Officer( Guru?) Richard Cole left home at 6 am in Portsmouth to guide us all through various of the latest techniques needed to win elections…which is what it’s all about of course!
I spoke of the journey we are on, which will hopefully lead to the Lib Dems gaining control of Teignbridge Council next May. The current situation is that the Conservatives, who have now ruled at Teignbridge for the last 7 and a half years, have 24 seats ( or is that 23???) while we have 16 and the Indes 6. There are no Green or Labour or UKIP councillors ( that isn’t to say some of the Conservatives don’t hold UKIP views, because they certainly do!) The numbers above have changed considerably over the time of this administration. We Lib Dems have gained 6 of the most recent 7 by-elections held locally…six gains all from the Conservatives, which is very encouraging to us all. New members are joining all the time ( some are putting themselves forward as candidates for next Mays elections ) and attended yesterdays training. You too would be made most welcome, even if you didn’t want to be a candidate next May!! Come and join the party with the ambition to serve their local communities; to serve local people, putting those in greatest need at top of the agenda.

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