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Dire Climate Change Warning

by gordonhook on 8 October, 2018

Today’s new warnings on climate change pose a huge challenge to mankind. I have long held the view that this is the single greatest threat to mans continued long-term existence, and it is imperative that warnings are heeded now as never before! On the plus side, we have the technical know how to counter the threat if we want to, but there is the problem. Too many of our world leaders, certainly the “ big players”, don’t care what happens to future generations. Trump in America has turned his back on the issue and actually undone Obama’s progress. China, Russia and India seem unprepared to make the changes, so while our individual efforts seem tiny and perhaps insignificant we must all make them, The cumulative impact if a trillion small gestures would be huge. So, go renewable, go coal-free, eat less meat, recycle more and support politicians at the ballot box who are “ believers” and set an example!

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