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More DYLs Anyone?

by gordonhook on 8 October, 2018

I have today made an official request for more double yellow lines at the junction of Hewett Close and Haytor Drive. No sooner do you solve one problem than another arises, at least in part because of the solving of the other problem. I refer of course to the successful campaign to improve visibility at the junction of Haytor Drive and Shaldon Road. The vehicles displaced from that junction as a consequence of the newly obtained DYLs just move elsewhere, causing obstruction and reducing visibility elsewhere. If you know of other sites that should be considered for DYLs please get in touch, as a resident of Hewetts Close did, and I will do my best.
I have also, incidentally, asked for an update on my request for the repainting of numerous yellow boxes around town
If you know of any other potential sites for more DYLs, again please let me know. gordon.hook45@gmail.com or 01626 362070


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  1. Tom Keen says:

    How about the overspill from Moorlands Close? People buy a little house with one parking space, in a jam-packed area, then move in with five vans, three cars or similar. Where do you imagine they intend to bung their jalopies? Who don’t they give a toss about inconveniencing? Why shouldn’t they pay more council tax? Double-yellows can’t solve the problem, but new by-laws, parking-warden foot-patrols and compulsory personality and brain surgery might.

  2. Gordon Hook says:

    I’ll certainly look into the brain surgery bit……

  3. Ian H says:

    College Road (between the crossing with Courtenay Rad and Laureston Road) needs restricting to resident-only parking – though you’re so right about the displacement and moving elsewhere syndrome, and I’d fear commuters may then move even further up Wolborough Hill.

    The chicanes down Keyberry Park are also a nightmare.

    Tom is right about needing more parking warden patrols – I might add “in the evening” – it seems some residents don’t think DYLs apply to them overnight (Church Road near the junction with Torquay Road). It only has to happen occasionally for the message to get through.

    • gordonhook says:

      I have a meeting with Highways Officer on Wednesday next. I have added all these points to that agenda, but no breath being held! Staggering employment hours ( I’ve previously advocated) is a way forward but previously rejected.

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