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Coronavirus Comment/ Update

by gordonhook on 25 March, 2020

The implications of this deadly virus and the unique circumstances in which we now find ourselves as a community are becoming all too obvious, and fortunately, most are now adhering to the isolation instructions.
My first thoughts are for those who are either going down with the virus or have relatives/friends who are ill. In a totally understandable strong desire to help please do not put yourselves at any additional risk. If in any doubt about symptoms ring 111 and explain your situation, seeking advice.
The second encouraging aspect of what is unfolding is the exceptional response of so many individuals and groups up and down the land ( all over the planet!) who are coming forward to offer help. If you want to volunteer locally then the CVS is your first port of call. The CVS is trying to coordinate volunteering activity. This is a time for us all to work together, as best we are able, to support each other and look out for those in particular need. That said, please make contact by phone with neighbours and friends, do not go calling in person.
Please be careful that if you take up offers of help that the offer is genuine and ideally via a recognised agency, which has undertaken police checks on the volunteers. Sadly there are some unscrupulous people who are seeking to exploit the situation for their own despicable purposes…hence my warning to only engage with legitimate, recognised organisations.
Teignbridge Council web site is being updated regularly as information changes, as is Devon County Council.
So, finally, very many thanks to all those who are acting sensibly, thank you to those who are volunteering, thank you to all those who have been in touch seeking advice…I’m responding to each one asap and I hope I’m not missing anyone in the flood of changing news and problems.
Best wishes to you all and keep washing those hands!!!


2 Responses

  1. Tracey says:

    Hello gorden,I was really horrified today at watching a cyclist going along Addison road ,blowing out his nose and spitting onto the road as he rode past ,surely they know about the virus so why ??? ,also are they exempt from the distance rule as they ride past very close to people trying to keep distance between them

  2. Gordon Hook says:

    We all have an equal role to act responsibly at this time. Cyclists should be no different therefore to any other person taking exercise as suggested by the government. It certainly seems that more people are out and about, many walking but some cycling which is what is recommended.
    Irrespective of who they are, all without exception, should act with due care and consideration for all others.

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