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Why Not Do A Little Research???

by gordonhook on 10 May, 2020

I support and appreciate without reservation a free press. It is sort of the DNA of any Liberal, or even any liberal.
I qualify my support however by a desire to see a fair press, one which doesn’t encourage or support populist rantings and which in so doing, undermine truth and reality.
We have a sort of free press in this country, but it’s debatable as to whether or not we have a fair press.
I really don’t like responding every week to ” inaccuracies” in the local media, and I try hard to avoid doing so, but I have had to spend a little time today trying to gently point out the ongoing errors and misconceptions surrounding the planning application for a large number of houses in the Haughton Barton area of town.
A few points of clarification.
Teignbridge Council is not applying for consent to build these houses. a developer is. Irrespective of any view I or the council may have about the houses in question, the developer has every right to make his application. Teignbridge can do nothing to stop him applying, nor should it.
Contrary to the disinformation some seek to use against the council, the application will be considered in open court, by local councillors, who will make the decision to accept or reject the legal application. Any decision will not be made by officers ” behind the scenes” as implied by some who really should know better.
This Liberal Democrat administration will not be making any decisions of this nature behind closed doors. We will be open, democratic and since introducing recorded voting demonstrably so. While it may suit the misguided and ill-informed aspirations of some to paint a different picture, the truth is that we are making open and accountable decisions. You will get to know how your elected representatives voted. I want and I will have open government.
I just wish a fair and honest picture would be painted by those who may hold different opinions, but those opinions should be based on fact.
I say to them, do some basic research if formulating opinions. Opinions may of course vary, but facts don’t.


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  1. Tom Keen says:

    Hear! Hear! It would be great if not only newspaper editors and journalists, but also soshul meejya contributors were to verify their facts before posting misleading information and opinions. It doesn’t take long to check sources and cross reference ‘facts’ in most cases…

    • gordonhook says:

      Thanks! We are living through an age not simply of ignorance( bad enough) but deliberate misinformation or downright lying. There are those who should be ashamed, there are those who should simply shut up. It is easier than it’s ever been to get to the truth and establish facts, but for their own motives, there are those who want neither truth nor fact-based discussion.

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