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School Re-Opening Now Is Wrong

by gordonhook on 21 May, 2020

We have been relatively fortunate ( so far) here in Devon and Cornwall regarding Covid 19 infection rates, and I most certainly want to keep it that way. Call me selfish if you like, but if we are to stay out of trouble we have to act responsibly.
I do not believe schools should reopen until or unless it is safe to do so, and currently it is not safe to do so.
We should wait till an easy testing kit is available to all schools and every child can be tested by a suitably protected member of staff.
At a meeting yesterday of all the Council Leaders of Devon I asked Devon Council Leader John Hart if he would consider following the action of a number of other local authorities and reject the Governments call to reopen for some from June 1st. He didn’t accept my suggestion, despite me pledging my support for him if he opted to do so.
Now is not the time to put pupils, staff or parents at increased risk. Education is exceptionally important, but lives are even more so.
Keep the schools closed until safe to open, and it isn’t safe now.

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