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Underpass Flooding

by gordonhook on 30 November, 2018

This problem was reported last weekend when it was first brought to my attention by local residents and Town Cllr. Mike Joyce. County Highways attended and repaired one of the two pumps that are in place to cope with a high water table. Problems are often compounded by a high tide and, as was experienced […]

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Good Meeting. More to Come. Under way!!

by gordonhook on 28 November, 2018

I was pleased with both the turnout and outcome of yesterdays meeting at the Buckland Community Centre, and pay a warm and genuine thank you to all those who made it possible. Sgt John Dingle, Rosemary Whitbread from the Buckland Surgery; Becca Hewett TDC anti-social behaviour officer and the NHW Coordinator Cllr. Mike Joyce. Without […]

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Newton Police Need Proper Funding

by gordonhook on 27 November, 2018

I have just sent an email to Insp Yelland of Newton Abbot police force urging in the strongest possible terms for improved funding for the local police force. He is labouring under reduced funding, reduced manpower and reduced ability, therefore, to respond to the increasing demands placed on his force. The current funding by the […]

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NHW and Good Neighbour Scheme for Buckland??

by gordonhook on 26 November, 2018

Tomorrow evening (7 pm at the Community Centre) sees an attempt to introduce two new schemes to Buckland, in response to requests from residents. We hope for a good response from locals who are keen to help with either or both schemes. These new organisations will only succeed with community support, so here’s hoping. All […]

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Innovative Domestic Violence Protection Scheme

by gordonhook on 26 November, 2018

A national programme to help GPs identify patients experiencing domestic violence and refer them to specialist support services is being rolled out across Devon and Torbay. Identification and Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS) is a successful general practice-based programme. It is the first of its kind in the area and will see specialist work in […]

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No One Want Any Cash??

by gordonhook on 23 November, 2018

Earlier this month I invited applications from local organisations/charities/schools/youth organisations etc for financial help with any specific projects that they might have a problem funding. I have since then had a relatively small request from the local Haytor View School ( or at least an organisation putting on an event there for local children) and […]

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I raised the issue of “Travellers” at yesterdays OnS Committee meeting at Teignbridge Council. Many travellers are perfectly acceptable and reasonable well behaved people; sadly not all are, and these cause problems for many. Teignbridge owned sites are “visited” not infrequently. I think it has been 4 times this year. Problems caused include trespass; damage […]

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Dog Ban Overturned?

by gordonhook on 20 November, 2018

The Lib Dems led an attack on the proposals from the Conservative administration at Teignbridge yesterday and successfully challenged the new restrictions on dogs. The Executive will now have to reconsider the number of dogs that can be walked at any one time ( the original proposal was 4 but this has been raised to […]

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MP or PM? Newton Abbot Conservatives Must Decide

by gordonhook on 17 November, 2018

The local Conservative MP has made it very clear, which is to her credit, that she believes the Prime Minister, Teresa Mayhem, should resign. I can only speculate as to the views of the local Conservative Party, but those speculations are surely justified and the general public should know the answers. Does the local Conservative […]

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Double Yellow Lines. Can any go???

by gordonhook on 13 November, 2018

I get fairly regular requests for more DYLs in various places and have usually ( sometimes eventually) been able to persuade officers of their merit. However, it isn’t simply a question of getting more and more DYLs. The more that are provided, the less parking spaces there are for those that need them, and the […]

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